Mountain Pool, 44" x 56" oil on canvas. 

N E W   P A I N T I N G S

May 29 - June 28, 2020

ober gallery  6 North Main Street, Kent, CT

Gallery hours: Fridays 1-4 Sat 12-5 Sun 1-5

or by appointment. TEXT Rob Ober: 860-488-1963

For virtual tour of exhibit, email obergallery@gmail.com

or contact: karen@karenlesage.com


Following her sold-out show last summer, an exhibit of Karen LeSage’s paintings will open on May 29 at Ober Gallery in Kent Barns, 6 North Main Street, Kent, CT.  The show runs though June 28.


Gallery hours are Fri  1-4, Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4. The large, spacious gallery will adhere to current distancing recommendations. Additionally, private viewings can be booked through Rob at 860-488-1963 or obergallery@gmail.com. A video virtual-tour of the exhibit and a detailed PDF of all the work is also available on request.


The exhibit continues her signature style of large, atmospheric, nature-based canvases, which are collected worldwideThis is her 7th solo show at Ober Gallery. Rob Ober says: “Karen’s work continues to evolve in powerful ways. These pieces are bigger, lighter and have a quality of buoyancy. There is a ballet term “ballone” that her work has. She has become the most important artist at Ober Gallery. Her work generates an excitement I have never seen which makes her exhibits truly fun. People travel for hours.”